Cheyenne Tillman

Clerical Accountant

Cheyenne joined Merit Commercial Real Estate in December of 2022 as a Clerical Accountant. Cheyenne is primarily responsible for facilitating the accounts payable and receivables of the Merit portfolio.

Prior to joining Merit, Cheyenne worked in multi-family real estate at The Lynd Company. As the Vendor Specialist, Cheyenne managed both the vendor credentialing and billing software. During her time at The Lynd Company, Cheyenne provided training to onsite staff,  educating her team on how to best utilize the software Рmaximizing purchasing power and control spending.

Dedicated to self-improvement both personally and professionally, Cheyenne plans to pursue her education and obtain her degree in Accounting. Outside the office Cheyenne enjoys seeking new experiences – places and food, hiking with her dog, and nights in with her family and friends.